Rugby Guide: Free Betting Tips & Strategies

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Rugby is among the most rigorous physical sports in the world. In simple words, rugby is mainly composed of 90% football & 10% soccer. The game was transformed in the United States in the early 1900s, when padding, helmet, blocking, time-outs, forward passing, and play-making huddles were introduced to the English version of rugby, gradually transforming rugby into American gridiron football.

Interesting Facts of Rugby

Take a look at some fascinating rugby facts.

  • Rugby School in Warwickshire was the origin of the sport in 1823.
  • No Rugby team has indeed been capable of retaining the Rugby World Cup till now.
  • The initial Rugby match was played between Scotland and England, with Scotland winning.
  • Rugby was pioneered in South Africa by British soldiers stationed in Cape Town.

World’s Best Rugby Tournaments

The following are the primary international rugby tournaments:

  • Rugby World Cup
  • The Rugby Championship
  • Six National Championship
  • Rugby Union
  • Women’s International Rugby Union
  • Women’s Rugby World Cup
  • Super Rugby
  • Top League
  • Currie Cup
  • Rugby Pro D2
  • Super Liga Americana de Rugby

World’s Best Rugby Players

  • Owen Farrell
  • Maro Itoje
  • Beauden Barrett
  • Brodie
  • Retallick
  • Faf de Klerk
  • Aaron Smith
  • Richie McCaw
  • Dan Carter

How to Play Rugby?

The Rugby game is played between two teams and lasts 80 minutes, split into two 40-minute halves, with the remaining time used solely in the event of a first-line player’s injury.

The team’s objective is to score as many points as they can get, with the winning team being the one with the most points after the game. Whenever a player can cross the opponent’s goal line (bottom line) & make the ball hit the ground even when in contact with it, they score the most points.

Rugby Game Rules

The International Rugby Board defines the rules of rugby unions, which it refers to as laws. No player is permitted to toss the ball forward to a teammate, according to the most fundamental rule of the game. Passes must be thrown sideways and backward to a teammate in rugby, with the other options being to kick or run with the ball toward its opponent’s goal line to score points.

Players are permitted to tackle the opponent in control of the ball to prevent the opposing team from scoring. Players can handle opponents by wrapping their arms around them and dragging them to the ground; they cannot handle opponents above the shoulder or tackle or trip them with their legs.

Best Rugby Betting Strategies

There is typically a benefit and, in many instances, a need to avoid the obvious rugby betting markets. It’s not going to work for football bettors who believe they can convert popular markets to rugby betting. In a football match, you usually lean towards one or two attackers, thus first try scorer choices in rugby aren’t the same as first goalscorer alternatives.

The first try-scoring market is a lot tougher to predict in rugby since there are so many attacking backs and so much offensive force in the pack. Due to the obvious high proportion of favourites winning matches, sticking to alternative markets like totals, handicaps, and winning margins is the best way to go with rugby betting.

How to Bet On Rugby?

The following are the steps to betting on rugby online:

Step 1 – Choose which rugby betting sites are good for you.

Step 2 – Register your account.

Step 3 – Deposit your fund.

Step 4 – Decide the bet to place.

Step 5 – Place the bet.

Step 6 – Make big winnings.

How to Earn Bonus Rewards?

The attractive bonuses and cashback offers are enough to keep rugby bettors on a roller-coaster ride. But, for bettors, receiving extra free bets, money back, or bonus offer is a win-win situation. So, check to see whether they’re available at the rugby gambling website you’ve chosen so you can take advantage of them.