Cricket Guide: Free Betting Tips & Strategies

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Cricket is among the most popular sports globally, with billions of followers in India, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and other nations. It is played between two 11-player teams. As in baseball, each team can take turns batting and play the field. In cricket, the hitter is referring to a batter, while the pitcher refers to a bowler. The bowler tries to take out the wicket’s bail. By striking the ball, a batsman tries to keep the bowler from hitting the wicket. At the exact moment, two batters are on the field.

Interesting Facts of Crickets

In India, it’s impossible not to be touched by the cricket mania. That is, those who adore cricket as well as those who idolize cricket.

So, here are some interesting cricket facts for all cricket fans.

  • Shahid Afridi recorded the highest ODI century ever with Sachin Tendulkar’s bat.
  • Chris Gayle is the first batter in Test history to score a six off the opening ball.
  • During a Test match, Abbas Ali Baig became the first Indian cricketer to be kissed.
  • Vinod Kambli has a higher Test match average than his childhood pal Sachin Tendulkar.
  • Only ML Jaisimha and Ravi Shastri have batted on all five days of a Test match.

Best Cricket Leagues

  • ODI (One Day International)
  • T20
  • IPL (Indian Premier League)
  • English Country
  • ICC Men’s T20 World Cup
  • Big Bash League, Asia Cup

World’s Best Cricket Players

Sachin Tendulkar, Steve Smith, Ben Stokes, Rohit Sharma, MS Dhoni, Harbhajan, Virat Kohli, David Warner, Chis Woakes, Mitchell Starc, Ricky Ponting, AB de Villiers, Jasprit Bumrah.

How to Play Cricket?

  • Batting side: 2 batters, fielding side: 11 players. On the field are two umpires. One at the pitch, the other at the leg.
  • Assume A and B are two cricket teams. The A captain wins the toss and bats first.
  • A bowler from B team bowls to A team’s first batsman. Opening-bowler and opening-batsman Opening batters start their team’s innings.
  • Batters strike the balls & keep scoring. Fielders try to block or catch balls struck by batters.
  • It takes 6 legal deliveries for an over.
  • Every over, the bowling and batting end swap. Every over’s non-striker becomes the preceding over’s striker.
  • After each over, the wicket-keeper must switch ends. To bowl a quick bowler, the keeper stands away from the stumps, whereas a spinner stands closer.
  • When a batsman is out, he must leave the field and another batsman must enter. An innings is ended when all of Team A’s batsmen are out or when team B has bowled their quota of overs.
  • In the second inning, team B bats to pursue down the goal established by team A.
  • If Team B achieves the goal, they win, else Team A wins.
  • A tie occurs when the final score is equal.

Cricket Game Rules

Examine the cricket rules and use them to making big on betting sites:

  • Cricket is played by two eleven-person teams.
  • Each team bats, fields, and bowls for at least one inning.
  • The fielding team’s bowler will bowl the ball to the batter.
  • The fielding team must dismiss 10 batters before batting.
  • The fielding team gets 10 wickets, the goal is to score as many runs as achievable. The most runs won.

Offensive and Defensive Strategies

Learn the top cricket strategies if you want to succeed.

  • Placing a lay bet on the draw: The strategy involves placing a lay bet on the draw before the game. In the event of a draw, you may be required to pay based on the odds. The odds vary over the following five days, and you may lower your risk by betting on the draw.
  •  In-play markets with live cricket betting: You may place your bet while the players are in action. There are options like “cash-out” that allow you to lock in a profit while the game is ongoing. You should be aware of transmission delays and changing cricket betting odds.
  • Bet on top players: You may wager on the greatest team player, top batsman, and top bowler. Before placing any of these wagers, check the recent form of each player on each squad. So you analyze the shape and make your forecast.
  • Betting on runs: Your bookie will pick a sum and you must predict whether the number of runs will be under or over that amount. This is also known as a bet.

How to Bet On Cricket?

The steps to online cricket betting are as follows:

Step 1 – Find a good betting website.

Step 2 – Sign up and create your account.

Step 3 – Deposit money into your betting account.

Step 4 – Select ‘Cricket’ from the website’s menu.

Step 5 – Choose a match/series/tournament you wish to bet on.

Step 6 – Pick your bet, enter the amount and place a bet.

How to Earn Bonus Rewards?

The attractive incentives and cash-backs are enough to make cricket betting a roller-coaster for the bettors. Getting extra free bets, cashback, or bonus money (deposit 10,000 INR, you can claim 10% extra bonus money ) is a win-win situation for gamblers. So, make sure they are offered at the cricket betting site you pick so you may take advantage of them.