How to Play Andar Bahar?
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Being said to have originated in South India, now this game has become popular in most Indian cities. Moreover, with the development of online casinos, this game has satisfied the aspect of several Indians who want to earn easy money by playing online games. 

As stated by the Stats, this game has the probability of Andar winning 97.8℅. (approx.). To know further about the game, keep reading as we will discuss how the Andar Bahar game works. 

What Is Andar Bahar?

One of the most popular games offered by online and offline casinos, Andar Bahar, is a gambling game. The most amazing thing about this game is that you do not need too much knowledge of the background of this game for playing this game. 

It is also known as Katti, which is the South Indian name of this game. During the last few years, the game has gained a lot of popularity in India, so people still like to play this pastime today.

How To Play Andar Bahar Online?

You can easily learn this game by getting a few tips and tricks, and you can start playing anytime with knowledge of a few basic ground rules to seamlessly play this game. Wondering how to play andar bahar? We would help you to learn that. Let’s dive in! 

Game Rules For Playing Andar Bahar: You Must Know Before Playing

The game works with simple rules and totally depends on chance. The dealer is the one who chooses the cards. To play this game, you need one deck; the deck has 52 cards.

  • All cards were placed face down on the table.
  • Once the cards are shuffled properly, the dealer has to place them after cutting.
  • Betting begins and the player bets depending on the face value of the cards.
  • The Participant is supposed to place bets per the stability of their cards.
  • As the same face card appears, the round ends at the same time.

The minimum age limit to play the andar bahar game is 18 years. So, it is significant that you should be above 18 years old to play this game.

Betting Tips For Playing Andar Bahar

The dealer starts dealing with the step Andar dealing with the left side and then Bahar dealing with the right side. The Andar Bahar game can be played in three types: live, speed, and online Andar Bahar. When you want to bet, Andar means the left side you need to place your bet first. If you want to bet bahar, you have to bet on the left side with the dealer.

  • Live Andar Bahar is quite a new game relative to other formats of this game. Live games can be played with real traders and dealers.
  • Speed Andar Bahar is played as the original format of the game but is faster; this is called speed Andar Bahar. 
  • Online Andar Bahar is the game that works online, as the name suggests, but here you do not get real players. 

Andar Bahar For Real Money

It is quite astonishing that this game lets you win real money. Bahar’s winning percentage is 97%. If you win your bet, you simply get to transfer money according to website rules. Because all websites have their own rules, you need to go through them before playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now you know much about how to play the Andar Bahar game. Let us check out some of the most frequently asked questions that might occur to you when you want to play the game.

Is Playing Andar Bahar Game Legal In India?

Well, you can play the Andar Bahar Game with the legal approach in India only when you indulge in playing at an online casino. Otherwise, It is illegal to play the Andar Bahar Game in India. 

Can I Play Andar Bahar Online?

Yes! You can easily play the Andar Bahar game online on numerous different websites. Many of these websites even give you a welcome bonus for playing the game. In addition, some of the websites propose this game with actual traders from their own live casinos. 

Is Andar Bahar a Game Of Skill Or Chance?

This game is solely founded on chance and likeability, and it is sure that simply your fate is what will help you win. But some basic rules would help you survive throughout this game. 

Where Can I Play Andar Bahar Games?

You can play the Andar Bahar Game on several outstanding websites. Keep in mind to check or review the license of the website to practice online gambling in India.