UEFA Euro 2021: All You Need to Know About Delayed Tournament

The UEFA football championship is being played between 24 teams. In total 55 nations of Europe participated in this championship to win the trophy of the best European team. 11 breathtakingly beautiful cities will be hosting this championship. This championship has become a yearly ritual in Europe after the first match in 1960.

Euro Cup Venues

  • Wembley Stadium, London, England
  • Saint Petersburg Stadium, Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Baku Olympic Stadium, Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Football Arena Munich, Munich, Germany
  • Olimpico in Rome, Rome, Italy
  • National Arena Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania
  • Stadium La Cartuja Sevilla, Seville, Spain
  • Johan Cruijff Arena, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Puskas Arena, Budapest, Hungary
  • Parken Stadium, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Hampden Park, Glasgow, Scotland

The game follows a league format. First, a standard qualification is made to choose 24 teams who would play the Euro cup. Then, those 24 teams are divided into six groups.


  • Group A: Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales
  • Group B: Belgium, Russia, Denmark, Finland
  • Group C: Ukraine, Holland, Austria, North Macedonia
  • Group D: England, Croatia, Czech Republic, Scotland
  • Group E: Spain, Poland, Sweden, Slovakia
  • Group F: Germany, France, Portugal, Hungary

Each group has 4 teams. After the battle to get into the knockout top two teams go in the knockout. Then the best third runner ups are chosen for the next round. After all hardship only 16 teams remain to fight in knockouts.

These 16 teams then fight for the pinnacle of the championship. 

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Euro Cup 2020: An Overview

The 2020 Euro championship was postponed due to the COVID pandemic. This resulted in naming the game Euro cup 2020 which is being played in the year 2021. The organisers decided to start the tournament on the 12th of June 2021.

Tournament Schedule

Saturday, June 12

Group A: Turkey vs Italy — 12:30 am IST, Rome

Group A: Wales vs Switzerland — 6:30 pm IST, Baku

Group B: Denmark vs Finland — 9:30 pm IST, Copenhagen

Sunday, June 13

Group B: Belgium vs Russia — 12:30 am IST, St Petersburg

Group D: England vs Croatia — 6:30 pm IST, London

Group C: Austria vs North Macedonia — 9:30 pm IST, Bucharest

Monday, June 14

Group C: Netherlands vs Ukraine — 12:30 am IST, Amsterdam

Group D: Scotland vs Czech Republic — 6:30 pm IST, Glasgow

Group E: Poland vs Slovakia — 9:30 pm IST, St Petersburg

Tuesday, June 15

Group E: Spain vs Sweden — 12:30 am IST, Seville

Group F: Hungary vs Portugal — 9:30 pm IST, Budapest

Wednesday, June 16

Group F: France vs Germany — 12:30 am IST, Munich

Group B: Finland vs Russia — 6:30 pm IST, St Petersburg

Group A: Turkey vs Wales — 9:30 pm IST, Baku

Thursday, June 17

Group A: Italy vs Switzerland — 12:30 am IST, Rome

Group C: Ukraine vs North Macedonia — 6:30 am IST, Bucharest

Group B: Denmark vs Belgium — 9:30 pm IST, Copenhagen

Friday, June 18

Group C: Netherlands vs Austria — 12:30 am IST, Amsterdam

Group E: Sweden vs Slovakia — 6:30 pm IST, St Petersburg

Group D: Croatia vs Czech Republic — 9:30 pm IST, Glasgow

Saturday, June 19

Group D: England vs Scotland — 12:30 am IST, London

Group F: Hungary vs France — 6:30 am IST, Budapest

Group F: Portugal vs Germany — 9:30 pm IST, Munich

Sunday, June 20

Group E: Spain vs Poland — 12:30 am IST, Seville

Group A: Italy vs Wales — 9:30 pm IST, Rome

Group A: Switzerland vs Turkey — 9:30 pm IST, Baku

Monday, June 21

Group C: North Macedonia vs Netherlands — 9:30 pm IST, Amsterdam

Group C: Ukraine vs Austria — 9:30 pm IST, Bucharest

Tuesday, June 22

Group B: Russia vs Denmark — 12:30 am IST, Copenhagen

Group B: Finland vs Belgium — 12:30 am IST, St Petersburg

Wednesday, June 23

Group D: Czech Republic vs England — 12:30 am IST, London

Group D: Croatia vs Scotland — 12:30 am IST, Glasgow

Group E: Slovakia vs Spain — 9:30 pm IST, Seville

Group E: Sweden vs Poland — 9:30 pm IST, St Petersburg

Thursday, June 24

Group F: Germany vs Hungary — 12:30 AM IST, Munich

Group F: Portugal v France — 12:30 AM IST, Budapest

In total 51 games would be played in 30 days. 11 cities are chosen all over the continent as venues for this international championship. The organisers have made sure to follow all the COVID norms to protect the participants and fans of this championship.

The tournament opened on June 12 with the first match in Rome. The Final is scheduled to happen on the 12th of July in London, after the semifinals. Both the semi-finals would be played on July 7th and July.

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Final Words

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