Frequently Asked Questions : ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021

After a five-year gap, the T20 World Cup is back. A double-header kicks off the tournament on October 17. Oman will see Papua New Guinea in the first match. Bangladesh will play Scotland later in the day. On November 14, the final will be held.

Everything you wanted to know about the 2021 T20 World Cup

1. Who is hosting this time?

The BCCI is hosting the tournament, however, the matches will be held in the United Arab Emirates and Oman.

2. What’s the format if there is twice the number of teams?

The tournament will be split into two rounds, with 16 teams participating. Eight teams will play in the first round of matches, divided into two groups:

Group A: Sri Lanka, Netherlands, Ireland, and Namibia

Group B: Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea, Scotland, and Oman

Each team in their group will play with every team once. The top two teams out of each group will move to the Super 12s, where they will meet the eight top-ranked T20I teams, after 12 matches in Al Amerat, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. The teams will be divided into two groups again in the Super 12s phase.

Group 1: England, West Indies, Australia, South Africa, A1, and B2

Group 2: India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Afghanistan, B1, and A2

Teams will face each other in their group once more. This round, which will take place in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai, will begin on October 23 and will consist of 30 matches. Each group’s top two teams will then move to the semi-final matches.

3. What is the point system, and what happens if two teams are tied at the end of each round?

A team will receive two points for winning in both rounds, one point for a tie, no result, or withdrawal, and zero points for losing. If two or more teams finish with the same number of points in their group, the following aspects will be examined to break the tie, in the order listed below:

– Number of wins

– Net run rate

– Head-to-head result

– Original first-round/Super-12 seedings

4. Is there a backup day in place for bad weather?

Group-stage games do not have reserve days; only the semi-finals and final have reserve days. Officials will attempt to finish the game on the planned day; if it is not possible, the match will be rescheduled for the reserve day.

5. What do the winners take home?

The winners will get US$1.6 million, the runners-up will receive $800,000, and the losing semi-finalists will receive $400,000 each.

6. Is it permissible for spectators to attend the events?

Yes, but only to a limited extent. Oman’s Al Amerat Stadium has developed a temporary structure to accommodate 3000 spectators. All people entering the country, as well as the stadium, must be completely vaccinated, according to the Oman government. In the United Arab Emirates, all venues will be working at around 70% of their full capacity.

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