IPL 2021 Resume in UAE : Remaining Season Schedule

The schedule for the remaining matches of the IPL T20 League 2021 has been released by the BCCI. Phase 2 will begin on September 19th, with the opening match between Chennai and Mumbai. On the 8th of October, Bangalore and Delhi will play their final group game.

The playoffs will begin on October 11th, whereas the tournament final will take place on October 15th. Qualifier 1 and Final will be held in Dubai, while the Eliminator and Qualifier 2 will be held in Sharjah. Eight group stage games will be held in Abu Dhabi.

The UAE leg will feature seven doubleheaders. The afternoon games will begin at 3:30 PM IST, while the evening games will commence at 7:30 PM IST. At least one midday game is scheduled for each club.

We will provide you information on the remaining 31 matches. We’d like to let you know that these matches will now play in Dubai. Before these matches are scheduled, each team’s players had undergone covid testing. The good news is that the dates for the matches have finally been announced. The table below contains all of the information about the new schedule date.

IPL T20 Match Schedule

Sr. No. Match Date Time Location
30 Chennai vs Mumbai September 19, Sunday 7:30 PM Dubai
31 Kolkata vs Bangalore September 20, Monday 7.30 PM Abu Dhabi
32 Punjab vs Rajasthan September 21, Tuesday 7.30 PM Dubai
33 Delhi vs Hyderabad September 22, Wednesday 7.30 PM Dubai
34 Mumbai vs Kolkata September 23, Thursday 7.30 PM Abu Dhabi
35 Bangalore vs Chennai September 24, Friday 7.30 PM Sharjah
36 Delhi vs Rajasthan September 25, Saturday 3.30 PM Abu Dhabi
37 Hyderabad vs Punjab September 25, Saturday 7.30 PM Sharjah
38 Chennai vs Kolkata September 26, Sunday 3.30 PM Abu Dhabi
39 Bangalore vs Mumbai September 26, Sunday 7.30 PM Dubai
40 Hyderabad vs Rajasthan September 27, Monday 7.30 PM Dubai
41 Kolkata vs Delhi September 28, Tuesday 3.30 PM Sharjah
42 Mumbai vs Punjab September 28, Tuesday 7.30 PM Abu Dhabi
43 Rajasthan vs Bangalore September 29, Wednesday 7.30 PM Dubai
44 Hyderabad vs Chennai September 30, Thursday 7.30 PM Sharjah
45 Kolkata vs Punjab October 1, Friday 7.30 PM Dubai
46 Mumbai vs Delhi October 2, Saturday 3.30 PM Sharjah
47 Rajasthan vs Chennai October 2, Saturday 7.30 PM Abu Dhabi
48 Bangalore vs Punjab October 3, Sunday 3.30 PM Sharjah
49 Kolkata vs Hyderabad October 3, Sunday 7.30 PM Dubai
50 Delhi vs Chennai October 4, Monday 7.30 PM Dubai
51 Rajasthan vs Mumbai October 5, Tuesday 7.30 PM Sharjah
52 Bangalore vs Hyderabad October 6, Wednesday 7.30 PM Abu Dhabi
53 Chennai vs Punjab October 7, Thursday 3.30 PM Dubai
54 Kolkata vs Rajasthan October 7, Thursday 7.30 PM Sharjah
55 Hyderabad vs Mumbai October 8, Friday 3.30 PM Abu Dhabi
56 Bangalore vs Delhi October 8, Friday 7.30 PM Dubai
57 QUALIFIER 1 October 10, Sunday 7.30 PM Dubai
58 ELIMINATOR October 11, Monday 7.30 PM Sharjah
59 QUALIFIER 2 October 13, Wednesday 7.30 PM Sharjah
60 FINAL October 15, Friday 7.30 PM Dubai

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