Teen Patti: How To Play The Indian Version Of Poker?

It should go without saying to find that there is an Indian form of poker called 3 Patti or Teen Patti that is gaining popularity. This Indian variant of Poker is quite similar to the international version that you are probably more comfortable with. And as you start looking at the different details listed below, you’ll quickly see how close it is to the Hold’Em version with a few minor differences.

Playing The Game

Certainly, the rules can take a little longer used to, but once you get the hang of them, you’ll find it to be a lot of fun. At this point, all participants are expected to contribute to the ‘boot,’ and all bets are put equally. After everyone has placed their wagers, the dealer quickly hands three cards face down to each player. And the game begins with the person closest to the dealer making the first move in a clockwise direction.

Playing Blind

The exciting thing about 3 Patti is that players may choose whether or not to view their “face down” cards before betting. Those who refuse to view their facedown cards are considered to be playing blind. Remember that the first person to place a wager is known as the ‘boot,’ and the blind player has the choice of matching the stake or betting double the boot amount.
In addition, the blind player’s stake becomes the boot amount for the next player in line. As a result, the process begins, with each participant increasing the stake based on whether or not he is blind. Whether or not taking free bonus on deposit offer. As a result, the boot value fluctuates and is not fixed.

Seeing The Cards

If a player chooses to view his or her ‘facedown’ cards, he or she is referred to as a seen player. The criteria alter slightly here, and you’ll need to double or quadruple your current stake amount. Furthermore, if the prior player played ‘blind,’ the stake that the following player must deposit in the kitty will be the same.
If, on the other hand, he is a “seen” player, the next player simply needs to risk half as much. It is also known as “chaal,” and it is only available to “seen” players. Isn’t it already perplexing? However, learning the fundamentals of how to play Teen Patti — the Indian format – is not difficult.

Limited and Unlimited Stakes

Consider it a safety net to prevent bad things from happening. In essence, a limited stake is one in which the stake amount is fixed. The pot starts at a low amount, and you can only play ‘blind’ four times. ‘Chaal’ is restricted to 256, and the pot is capped at 2408. At the next level, the entrance boot is set at 4, and the chaal and table limits are also doubled. There are no limitations to the unlimited stakes, and that is the way the game is going.

This information must provide you with the inside story on 3 Patti, allowing you to play like a pro with the use of online betting tips.


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