Why Playing Poker Online Is Better Than Playing Live?

Every year, the poker game sector’s potential reaches new heights, and online poker sites are responding by adopting the revolution that is heading their way. As a result, the number of people who visit live casinos is gradually decreasing. As a result, you may play online real cash games like poker or Teen Patti from the comfort of your own home. But, how does playing poker online compared to playing poker at a land-based casino? Let’s have a look.

Top Reasons Why Playing Poker Online Is Better Than Live

1. Online poker is much more competitive than live poker

If you play high-stakes poker online, you’re probably aware that it’s more aggressive than live poker. It’s due to the fact that online poker players are serious grinders who have developed a winning technique and hardly make mistakes.

As a result, playing against these opponents will make you feel more psyched up and enthusiastic. Live games, on the other hand, are usually a lot easier in contrast. As a result, if you know how to play poker online, you’ll have no trouble beating high-stakes poker players in a live game.

2. Online poker plays at a faster rate than live poker

Playing real cash games like poker online is a much faster experience than playing poker in person. During live poker games, you’ll only be allowed to play at one table, and the total momentum of the game will only be 30-40 hands per hour. However, with online poker, you may multi-table and play twice as many hands as you can with live poker.

3. Online poker is more convenient than live poker

When you choose to join a live poker game, you must dress appropriately, get to the location, and then pick a suitable table to play at. However, with online poker, you may play whenever and anywhere you choose. You may play online poker in your pajamas or while lounging near your pool, depending on your preference.

4. Online poker has more variety than live poker

There’s no arguing that when it comes to poker variety, web poker outperforms live poker. You may only expect to play particular poker types in live pokers, such as Texas Hold’em or No Limit Poker. However, in the digital format, your options are limitless. Do you dislike Texas Hold’em? You may participate in Omaha. That is the allure of online poker.

Online poker gives players a variety of games to choose from. As a result, you may play the game that best suits your likes and preferences.

5. Online poker has more resources than live poker

The online poker community is an extremely close-knit one. As a result, if you’re new to the market of poker, don’t fret; there are hundreds of guides, tips, techniques, and hints available on the internet to guide you. As a consequence, you’ll feel at ease. However, in live poker, you won’t have as much community support.


Based on our detailed guide, it is safe to conclude that there are substantial differences between playing the big cash game like poker online vs offline/live. Whether you want to play poker online or offline, it is essential to understand and accept the differences outlined above in order to select your chosen model. For example, if you dislike having other people around you, live poker is not for you.


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