How to Play Andar Bahar Online: 10 Tips for Beginners

In the realm of online gambling, people enjoy playing the Andar Bahar online game because it is a simple card game with a lot of opportunities to win. Andar Bahar’s exact meaning is ‘Inside’ and ‘Outside,’ and it refers to the way it is performed.

10 tips to follow when playing the online game andar bahar :

1. Take advantage of side bets

The number of cards given to the player before the emergence of the matching card determines the side bets in the Andar Bahar game. As a result, players should take advantage of side bets to boost their chances of winning.

2. Learn the rules of the game

Learn how to play Andar Bahar game before you play it. As a result, you will be able to prevent losing money unnecessarily and will have an understanding of how to effectively place stakes.

3. Set your budget

Players that are aware of their budget have a better chance of winning. It’s always a good idea to prepare your budget and keep track of your money in your game.

4. Make small bets

If you lose, you can double your bet to increase your bankroll. As a result, you should try to start with minimal bets and gradually increase your stakes as you move through the game.

5. Double your bets if you lose

If you lose, doubling your bets is a wise strategy. You can apply the Martingale approach, which states that you have a 50/50 probability of winning when playing Andar Bahar online, therefore after each loss, double your bets.

6. Count and know the odds

Since there are 50 – 50 possibilities to win in the Andar Bahar game, participants can follow this rule and continue playing. However, when it comes to the upper levels, you must be aware of the odds.

7. Use the odd-even strategy

To play the Andar Bahar game, you must use the odd-even strategy. Such an approach allows the players to have a better picture of which team is the most likely to win. Furthermore, there are two main points to this trick:

  • When the total number of given cards after the Joker card is odd, the Andar side is more likely to win.
  • If the total number of thrown cards after the placement of Joker cards is an even number, the Bahar side has a better probability of winning.

8. Be aware of the wagering limits

Knowing the wagering limits in this game offers you an idea of how to place bets effectively. The more you bet, the better your odds of winning are in this game.

9. Make use of casino bonuses to boost the RTP

As no casino gives a 100 percent RTP, take advantage of bonuses offered by casinos to maximize your RTP. As a result, the smaller the wagering limits, the higher the gain and RTP for the player.

10. Choose a reputable casino

You should choose a casino that has legal permission and a solid reputation in the gaming sector. To avoid any more issues, you should also be familiar with the rules, terms, and conditions.

Final words

Playing this game does not require adhering to a slew of complicated rules. Although this game is based on luck, applying some of the online betting tips listed above will help you win more.


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