How to Bet on Basketball : 10 Tips to Know for Beginners

Basketball seasons in the NBA and college are quite well underway. Both demand your attention since they provide continuous profit opportunities. There are a few tried-and-true ways that can help you win your basketball bets. We’ll list the top ten below. These are the basketball betting strategies that can help you win the most money.

1. Check (and double check) the starting lineup

When attending a basketball game, always double-check the opening lineup. It’s crucial because if key players are unable to participate due to injury, the team you are supporting will be less likely to win and help you win your wager.

2. Don’t overestimate the home court advantage

Although home-court advantage occurs, it is overestimated. Home-court advantage is usually worth three points, according to the oddsmakers. As public bettors like to back home teams, bookmakers tend to slant lines in favor of them, pushing casual gamblers to take expensive numbers.

3. Forget your favorite team

A good basketball bettor uses logic and common sense rather than their emotions. You should dedicate enough to back teams you despise as long as the odds are low and you have a greater chance of winning.

4. Keep your eye on the important stats

There is no dearth of information available on the internet about the teams’ against the spread and over/under statistics, how often they have won or lost as underdogs or favorites, and so on. It allows you to see the teams’ strengths and weaknesses.

5. Watch for big line moves

The sports betting sector, like Wall Street stocks, is volatile. Bookmakers alter the odds throughout the day based on the activity they’re collecting and other online sports news, such as injuries and conditions.

6. Look for signs of court fatigue

When an NBA season may go up to 82 games, it’s logical that players would start to show signs of fatigue at some time. Supporting teams with tired players is a bad idea. The performance you may anticipate from them will almost certainly be poor.

7. Bet against the spread on losing streaks

If you’re going to wager against the spread, search for teams who are on a losing run for the higher value. Although most bettors ignore these teams, oddsmakers may offer you an additional point or two to try to balance the situation.

8. Ignore The Betting Trends

Even if it’s just to satisfy your curiosity, it’s acceptable to look into betting patterns. However, don’t use them as a source of information. It’s like looking at a city’s population statistical data to see if a certain family would relocate this week. The trends don’t seem to point in that direction.

9. Keep your eyes peeled for “Value” bets

Lines adjust properly by oddsmakers. It necessitates in-depth analysis as well as reasonable math abilities. Making good basketball wagers necessitates keeping your eyes peeled for the potential for the future. Spotting large line movements might sometimes reveal such worth. Most of the time, though, you’ll have to exert more effort.

10. Research if you bet the under/over

Oddsmakers will set a total amount of points scored in a game by both teams combined in addition to a line for the favorite and underdog. The total refers to as the over/under. After then, bettors may gamble on whether the game will finish Over or Under the total.


Basketball betting, including NBA and amateur games, is extremely popular at sites such as WinDaddy and others. However, most of the activity depends on inaccurate or incomplete information. You’re aware of many more. Use the online sports betting tips listed above to gain an edge at these and other major online sportsbooks.


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